Pressure Cooking Guide

Get amazing results every time with CleverChef Pro's Pressure Cook function. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

Pressure cooking is a great way to get that beautiful, slow-cooked tenderness and taste in fast food time. And with CleverChef Pro, it couldn’t be easier! Just make sure to follow the steps below to get incredible results every time!


Using the Pressure Cook function

To use CleverChef Pro’s Pressure Cook mode, simply select ‘Pressure Cook’ from the Cooking Style menu and then choose your cooking program from the list using the dial.

Don’t forget the Inner Pot

It might sound obvious, but make sure your inner pot is in place before cooking, whatever cooking style you’re using. Trying to cook without it will damage your CleverChef Pro.

The inner pot features a premium-quality non-stick coating, so you can use little to no oil and it’ll still be incredibly easy to clean. It’s even dishwasher safe, but it’s still best to handwash in order to keep the coating in top condition.

Pierce Your Food

Any food with a skin – like chicken, sausages and fruits – needs to be pierced before cooking.

Not piercing the sking may lead to the food expanding and cause splashing of hot food after the lid is released.

Don’t forget

Always wear oven gloves and an apron when opening the pressure release valve to release the pressure in your CleverChef Pro.

Remember the Liquid

If there isn’t enough liquid in the pot, CleverChef Pro won’t be able to build pressure. It doesn’t have to be water, chopped tomatoes, wine, stock or virtually any other liquid will do the job.

Lock it!

When pressure cooking, make sure you always set the pressure release valve to the CLOSED position. CleverChef Pro won’t be able to build up to pressure with the valve open.


CleverChef Pro’s display will keep you up to date on progress at all times. Remember, it’ll take a little time to build up to pressure – during this time the screen turns orange and says ‘Starting Pressure’. Once pressure’s built up, the screen will turn red and the time will start to count down. Once it does, your food will be ready in no time!

No pressure

When the cooking process is finished, CleverChef Pro will automatically enter Keep Warm mode. Now you’ll need to release the pressure before you can open the lid. Before opening the valve and releasing the pressure, press Back to cancel the Keep Warm mode. Now, check the manual (or download a pdf below) to find which pressure release method to use – Quick or Slow. Not only will you get optimum flavour by using the right method for your recope, it’s also imprtant to ensure all steam has released from the food itself. All CleverChef Pro recipes on the Drew&Cole app and website will say which release method to use.

Download User Manual

Before You Open

Whichever release method you use, ensure the Float Valve has dropped back down before trying to open the lid. When it has, turn the lid clockwise to unlock and then lift off. Remember, always use tongs and wear gloves and an apron to protect against any splashing of the hot food. Never force the lid open.


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