How to Sous Vide Without a Vacuum Sealer

You don’t need a vacuum sealer to enjoy the incredible results of Sous Vide cooking, here’s how to achieve the same, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and taste with a regular zip-lock bag.

  1. Fill the CleverChef Pro inner pot with cold water up to the MAX 2/3 line.
  2. Put your ingredients in a zip lock bag starting with the main ingredient and then the oil, aromatics, and marinades if using.
  3. Close the zip almost all the way (about 80-90%), leaving about 2cm open through which the air can escape.
  4. Gently lower the bag into the CleverChef Pro inner pot and as you lower it, the air should be forced out by the water pressure – this is called displacement.
  5. Just before the bag goes fully under water, close the zip completely.
  6. Use a rack, a small weight or a clip to make sure the bag does not move around.
  7. Then start the appropriate sous vide cooking program according to your recipe.


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