Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max height on the FITT Cube?

The FITT Cube has been tested to a max weight of 110kg’s / 17.3 Stone


How much assembly is required for the FITT Cube?

The FITT Cube arrives fully assembled, you simply need to attach the resistance bands and you are ready to go!


Is the FITT Cube stable?

The FITT Cube is very stable, in fact the jump platform is designed to take the rigors off a great workout.


Will the FITT Cube scratch my floor?

The FITT Cube is fitted with small pads on the areas that should be against your floors, these will protect in most circumstances, but if your floors are particularly delicate try sitting the item on the New Image fitness mat (sold separately) just to be extra safe.


My FITT Cube is squeaking when I use it, is this normal?

The FITT Cube does have many moving parts and is built to cope with hard usage, if yours does make a noise in some areas try lightly applying some form of lubricant to the joint, this should just smooth that out.