KLEVA Comfort Ergonomic Garden Tools

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Gardening doesn’t have to be a pain! Introducing KLEVA Comfort Garden Tools, 4 ergonomically designed tools with 90 degree handles to make gardening so much easier!  

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If you love gardening, but not the strain that comes with it, KLEVA Comfort Garden Tools are for you! Standard gardening tools have a straight handle which forces an awkward wrist position resulting in more strain and less strength.

  • Enhance Gardening Strength and Reduce Wrist Strain: KLEVA tools have a 90-degree fulcrum handle ergonomically designed for perfect wrist alignment. This enables you to easily generate 25% more force than you could with traditional tools without the strain, meaning less strength required to achieve more work!  
  • Compact and Lightweight: KLEVA tools are designed so people of all ages, ailments, and strength levels can enjoy gardening without stress or strain. These are perfect gardening tools for seniors, arthritis sufferers, or anyone looking for minimal effort while gardening. They make the perfect gift! 
  • Durable & Sturdy Carbon Steel construction: Made with lightweight high-quality carbon steel, so you’ll never need to worry about your garden tools bending or buckling again. We use carbon steel to ensure your gardening tools last for long lengths of time and prevent soil from sticking to your tools. 
  • Comfortable Contour Grip: Perfect for both left and right-handed gardeners!  
  • The Perfect Tool for any Gardening Job: The Tough-Trowel, Fast-Fork, Comfy-Cultivator and the BONUS Gardening Weeder are all designed with specific purposes to weed, dig, transplant, loosen, and nurture your soil with ease. 
  • KLEVA Tough-Trowel: Perfect for transplanting bedding plants and herbs.  
  • KLEVA Fast-Fork: Pushes easily into the ground to rake out stones and break up soil.  
  • KLEVA Comfy-Cultivator: Great for mixing and breaking up soil or compost after planting or weeding.  
  • BONUS KLEVA Gardening Weeder: Handy for removing specific weeds.  
  • KLEVA Tough-Trowel 
  • KLEVA Fast-Fork 
  • KLEVA Comfy-Cultivator 
  • BONUS KLEVA Gardening Weeder