Disk Lights

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Can I use them straight away?
The unit needs to be fully charged for the initial use.

Can I replace the LED lights?
No – the LED’s are non-replaceable.

How long does it take to charge up?
Leave the unit under direct sunlight for at least 8 hours. The unit needs to be fully charged for the initial use. If there isn’t ample sunlight, it may take longer for the batteries to charge.

Can I leave them out all year?
During cold winter months, we recommend removing the Disk Lights to prevent damage to the unit due to frost and freezing temperatures. Don’t forget to turn the unit off and remove the batteries for storing.

How do I hang them on the wall?
For wall hanging, use a screw and use the keyhole on the back of the Disk Light. Velcro and/or Double sided tape can be used. No wall fixing is supplied with the lights.

Can I change the strength of light or time of night that it comes on?
No. The strength of light depends on the amount of sunlight hitting the solar panel. The unit is set to automatically come on at dusk. Throughout the year, this will be at different times of the night.

How do I install the Disk Lights?
If using on any steps or any other hard surface, simply lay the Disk Light flat on the surface. To install using the stakes, simply slide Stake A into Stake B; once the two are in line with one another, insert the stakes into the holes on the back of the Disk Light. Push in to secure the stake.

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