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Innovation, technology and hand-finished British craftsmanship have blended together to create Sleep Origins, the SO Innovative, SO British, SO Crafted, SO Refreshed and SO Invigorated mattress where great days begin.

The best of Pocket Springs and Comfort Foam
Inside every Sleep Origins is the secret to personalised comfort. With the unique combination of the support you get with award-winning micro-pocket springs and the comfort of breathable open-cell foamyou get the best of both worlds! They relax and align your spine throughout the night, relieving your pressure points for a deep, more restful night’s sleep.

Our Patented Contour5® technology for a better sleep
From the very first moment you lie on your Sleep Origins Mattress you’ll feel that the exclusive patented Contour5® technology fits your body perfectly. The five vertical comfort zones work together to provide support where you want it and cradling comfort where you need it. And don’t worry about your weight or height, each zone is perfectly placed and designed to fit 90% of the population.

With Sleep Origins there is no more waking up feeling tired: the secret is two key Pressure Relief Zones that cradle your hips and shoulders to help stop you tossing and turning in the night. This means you stay in deep, healthy REM sleep longer, so you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

The magic of our Lumbar Support Zone
But it doesn’t stop there. Many people wake up sore or with a stiff back. Regular mattresses have one level of support across their whole surface. The heart of the Sleep Origins Mattress is our exclusive Lumbar Support zone. No matter whether you’re a back, side or front sleeper the Lumbar Support Zone will support your spine all night in its natural relaxed position, so you’ll wake up with a spring in your step.

“It’s like sleeping in fresh sheets every night”
Memory Foam mattresses can be too hot, keeping you from a great nights’ sleep, but the Sleep Origins Mattress doesn’t use Memory Foam. Our Fresh Cell®comfort foam keeps you cool all night, every night. And we can prove it:

“The high air permeability of the [Sleep Origins], considering the construction of the mattress and its springs, would allow a high circulation of air around the springs”

Stale air inside your mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Your Sleep Origins Mattress features active ventilation. Every time you move, the micro-pocket springs and fresh cell chambers work together with the three-dimensional air weave mesh to force stale air out and draw fresh air into the mattress.

3 different Comfort Depths
Which depth of mattress should you chose? Picking a thinner style won’t take away the natural comfort of a Sleep Origins Mattress. Because of the vertical construction it’s the top 5 to 8 cm, depending on your weight, that affect the feel and support. The bottom half of the mattress is foundation, so thickness of a mattress is more of a preference than a performance feature.

We’ve got you covered
And to finish it off, every Sleep Origins Mattress is wrapped up in a luxuriously soft cover with two pockets for personalised scented pouches.

The perfect partner for a perfect sleep FREE Sleep Origins Pillow
Just like the Sleep Origins Mattress, the Sleep Origins Pillow has a combination of individual mini pocket springs, wrapped in soft, cozy fibres and breathable fresh cell foam that all work together to gently cradle your neck and head helping keep your spine in its most natural relaxed position. The luxuriously soft cover has been specially designed, too. The cozy woven cotton fabric comes with a premium finish and an air vent for extra breathability. All of this means that your Sleep Origins Mattress and Pillow are the perfect combination for a great night’s sleep.

  • Sleep Origins is the first mattress to use Contour5® Technology to create five vertical zones for support where you want it and cradling comfort where you need it.
  • The three Support Zones and two Pressure Relief Zones work together to keep your spine aligned and to relieve your pressure points all night for a more restful sleep.
  • The unique combination of micro-pocket springs and open-cell foam dissipates heat faster for your comfort.
  • Made in Britain Sleep Origins is SO Innovative, SO British, SO Crafted, SO Refreshed and SO Invigorated.
  • Rest easy - Sleep Origins comes with a dreamy 101 Night Money Back Guarantee.

Product Details

Weight: 11.9kg
Dimensions: 90 x 190 x 18cm

Small Double
Weight: 16.7kg
Dimensions: 120 x 190 x 18cm

Weight: 18.7kg
Dimensions: 135 x 190 x 18cm

Weight: 22.5kg
Dimensions: 152 x 198 x 18cm

Super King 
Weight: 24.7kg
Dimensions: 180 x 200 x 18cm
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Sleep Origins Mattresses are covered by a 101 Night Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply).