Tupperware® FridgeSmart - 3 Piece Starter Kit.

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Cut down on food waste, save money and keep fruit and veg fresh for up to twice as long with FridgeSmart! 

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Make your fridge more effective and transform the way you store fruit and veg with Tupperware® FridgeSmart! Fresh produce stored in FridgeSmart stays fresh up to twice as long as when stored in its original packaging, helping you cut down on food waste and save money. Featuring advanced Atmosphere Controlled Environment (ACE™) technology, FridgeSmart regulates airflow to create the perfect environment for different fruits and veg to prevent spoilage and keep everything fresh and tasty for longer. 

This essential starter set includes everything you need to start reducing food waste and keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer at an extra special price! Includes 2x FridgeSmart Small Deep (1.8L), 1x FridgeSmart Medium (1.8L).  

  • ACE™ Technology: Each FridgeSmart container includes a 3-way Atmosphere Controlled Environment (ACE™) vent. This allows you to set the perfect level of venting to suit different fruits and vegetables and keep everything fresh and delicious up to twice as long! 
  • How does it work?: Even after harvesting, fruits and vegetables continue to ‘breathe,’ exchanging beneficial oxygen for carbon dioxide. But some fruits need more oxygen than others to stay fresh and crisp. FridgeSmart’s ingenious 3-way ACE™ venting system balances the flow of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide going out to create the perfect environment for storing all kinds of fruit and vegetables. 
  • Built-in grid pattern: Keeps the food separate from moisture and helps produce breathe, helping to delay spoilage. 
  • Waste less, save more: Sometimes you just need that bag of lettuce to last an extra day or two. FridgeSmart extends the life of your food, keeping it fresh and delicious for longer, giving you more time to enjoy it. What’s more, it saves you money on restocking at the supermarket and cuts back on food waste.  
  • Easy to use: The handy chart on each container shows you which foods can safely be stored together, and exactly which setting to use to keep them fresh. 
  • Clean & tidy: Make fridge organisation a breeze. The grid pattern also allows you to stack multiple containers on top of each other without lowering their ventilation efficiency.  
  • Sustainable future: In 2018, the UK threw away £19 billion worth of food. That’s £496 per household. All that food waste emits millions of tonnes of CO2e. Cutting back on food waste with FridgeSmart isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet.  
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipes clean with a soft cloth, or it can go in the dishwasher (top shelf only). 
  • Built to last: FridgeSmart is made with tough and durable, 100% BPA-free plastic and is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years. 
  • A brand you can trust: Tupperware products are legendary for their high quality and longevity, and have been trusted in kitchens all over the world for more than 75 years.  

Product Details: 

  • Dimensions (Extra Small): W 10cm x H 6.2cm x L 13cm 
  • Dimensions (Small): W 14.2cm x H 6.8cm x L 18.8cm 
  • Dimensions (Small Deep): W 14.2cm x H 13.4cm x L 18.8cm 
  • Dimensions (Medium): W 18.7cm x H 6.8cm x L 28.5cm 
  • Dimensions (Medium Deep): W 19cm x H 13.5cm x L 28.5cm 
  • Weight (Extra Small): 0.1kg 
  • Weight (Small): 0.1kg 
  • Weight (Small Deep): 0.2kg 
  • Weight (Medium): 0.3kg 
  • Weight (Medium Deep): 0.4kg 
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes, top shelf 
  • Freezer safe: No 
  • Microwave safe: No 

This product is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply). 

  • x2 FridgeSmart Small Deep 
  • x1 FridgeSmart Medium
  • User Guide